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$5 from every Art Rat sold will be donated to Rachie's Ratirement Home

If you know me, you know that I absolutely adored my five gorgeous rattie babies (I have them all immortalised in a huge tattoo down my arm), two of whom were rescues. Most people probably think of rats and squirm, but they've obviously never met the sweet, snuggly, full of personality rattos that many of us call our pets and our family. Sadly, many people who take on rats as pets don't understand that they live full, but far too short lives and their vet care, especially in their later life, can be equally expensive and heart-breaking.

I have been following Rachie and their amazing Ratirement Home since not long after its inception, when Rachie was a student taking on older rats out of the goodness of their heart to see them live out their twilight years in the ultimate ratirement home, caring for their every need until it was their time to pass over the rainbow bridge. Now years later, Rachie's Ratirement Home is a charity run by many incredible volunteers who take on not only the elderly ratto, but also SO MANY RESCUES who come about due to backyard breeding, mistreatment, and a load more sad, shocking and inhumane situations. RRH rehabilitates, rehomes, and provides quality of life for these unfortunate but beautiful creatures with no cost, no amount of time, or patience too much. They run a one-of-a-kind rescue who save countless little fluffy lives and educate the public about them in the process.

And that is why I am supporting them!

Please buy an art ratto in support of those critters who are a little different but just as much worth it!

See the NEW RANGE of Ratto Snooto Earrings as well!

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