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CUSTOM - Small Plant Pot

CUSTOM - Small Plant Pot


Are you after something made just the way you want?


These small plant pots are created just for you, to suit your space and your preferences. These versatile pots make the perfect accent to any bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, and the perfect gift for a special friend.


The artwork is heavily protected with three coats of Kamar Varnish to seal the artwork and three coats of UV-protectant to resist the fading effects of UV exposure. 



Diameter - 14.0 cm

Height - 12 cm


To ensure the artwork on your plant pot lasts as long as possible, we recommend double-potting your plant, so that it is in a smaller plastic pot which sits inside this one. This way it can be easily removed to be watered. The perfect sized internal pot is: Diameter - 13 cm; Height - 10-11 cm.


The ceramic pot does not contain a hole in the base and is meant for indoor use.


*plant not included

When ordering a custom piece, you will be asked for information regarding your preferences on how the artwork will look. We will try to match your requests as closely as we can.


Asking for a previous design

Due to the way the alcohol ink reacts and flows, if you request your artwork to be the same as a previous design featured on our website, please keep in mind that no two of these original artworks will be the same. So while we will try our best to make your artwork similar, it will not be identical.


Choosing colours

Similarly, when requesting certain colours for your artwork, please keep in mind that colour perception often differs between individuals and we may not have the ink of a specific colour in stock. We will try to match your request as closely as we can. If we cannot supply you with a close enough match to your request - don't worry, we will definitely contact you before we make the piece!


If you are worried about any of this or would like to ask any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (or via any of the other communication methods listed on our CONTACT page).

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